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The question that most people get to ask is; what exactly is a temporary or nonimmigrant visa. If you wish to visit the United States either for school, tourism, or just a short visit, a Sugar Land Immigration Attorney from Esani & Momin can answer all your questions on immigration issues. 

The US immigration system has rules that require compliance from every individual intending to travel to the US. Therefore, for an individual to gain entry into the United States, they have to pass an eligibility test and, in this case, an eligibility test for granting of a temporary or nonimmigrant visa. Obtaining the mentioned visa has some exceptions. With the complexities that immigration laws can present, it is vital to work closely with an Immigration Attorney in Sugar Land Texas, to learn more about the exceptions that apply in your case. 

Types of temporary or nonimmigrant visas 

Most individuals are often not aware that there are types of nonimmigrant visas. Well, the purpose of your visit to the United States determines the type of visa you should apply for. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of seeking a nonimmigrant visa can be for tourism purposes, education e.t.c.After identifying the purpose of your visit, you will then have to identify the visa they are to apply for. Since the types of visas are marked using a letter-number combination, it might be challenging to determine the correct type of visa in your case. Our Sugar Land Immigration Lawyer can save you the stress, help you identify the right visa, and subsequently help with the application process. 

How to qualify for a nonimmigrant visa 

The types of nonimmigrant visas indicate the persons that qualify to apply for each type of visa, e.g., B-2.visitors for pleasure or medical treatment. Knowing the type of visa you are supposed to apply for is just a single step towards qualifying for a nonimmigrant visa. The application is usually supposed to be done in the applicant’s home country and the relevant consulate. Filing your application at the wrong consulate can cost you time. Our Immigration Lawyer in Sugar Land Texas, can help identify the appropriate consulate to lodge your application to make your process easier. 

While the application process might appear simple, it is highly likely for an individual to arrive at the consulate office and realize they must print out other forms to attach to the application. Our team of attorneys from Sugar Land Immigration Law Firm always ensures that all relevant forms have been duly filled and attached before any of our clients appear at the consulate. 

An interview is part and parcel of the steps you will have to undergo before the visa is finally granted. While the questions to be asked at the interview might vary from one individual to another, our lawyers from our Immigration Law Firm in Sugar Land TX can help you prepare for the interview. Having helped several clients apply for their visas over the years, our attorneys have useful insights that can help you pass the interview with ease. Before the visa is issued, the applicant has to prove the following; 

That they have enough finances, enough to cover them during their stay in the United States A valid passport Proof of ties at home that are most likely compel you to return home 

Consulting a Sugar Land Immigration Attorney 

An attorney is an essential party in your non-immigration visa application process. With the experience that our lawyers at Esani & Momin present, you have the guarantee of a less stressful and highly successful visa application process.             


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