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Real estate transactions require drafting special documents such as transferring a title, mortgage, or contracts. For such intricate and important legal matters, you will need the assistance and advice of our Texas real estate attorneys at Esani & Momin.

Title disputes may include issues such as:

Title disputes are common and should not be faced alone. An attorney helping you through these issues can perform a title search, while afterwards create a chain of title. A chain of title is a document that traces all the title transfers from the past down to the original owner which can help establish a clean title for the seller. These may require investigative skills that an attorney will have.

Title insurance can help to protect the owner from losses incurred by forged deeds or wills, fraud, and liens for any unpaid taxes. If you are interested in having a policy for such situations, your attorney will need to issue a title opinion and binder with your insurance company. Your attorney from there can help guide you through the process and ensure that all information is given correctly and in a timely manner. With an attorney by your side, you will understand the next step you are going into and what your role in the case will be.

Transferring a title of a property to a new owner can become a complicated situation without the help or advice of an attorney. At Esani & Momin, we are prepared with years of experience to help you have a successful case. Our attorneys are ready to help you and your loved ones have a fair and smooth transfer. Contact our Texas real estate attorneys today to determine your next best step.


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