Chain Migration: What is it? 

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You may hear about the term “chain migration” in the news and wonder to yourself what it is. In fact, you might even be looking for a chain reaction attorney in Sugar Land Texas yourself and wondering what you need to do to help make chain migration a reality in your life. If those are the kind of things that you are thinking about right now, you have come to the right place. Take a few moments to let us explain why a Sugar Land Immigration attorney can help you get the assistance you need for all matters related to chain migration. 

young immigrant holding metal barricadeFamilies Following One Another

The short story of chain migration is that it is simply when family members of an individual follow that individual to their new country of origin. In other words, if one person leaves their native country and comes to another country (the United States for example), and then their family follows them in doing so, this is known as chain migration. 

This term is related to family migration because an immigration attorney in Sugar Land Texas may make the argument that the family members of the person who is now here deserve to come along and be invited into the country as well. Not everyone agrees with this, but it is an argument that can be and often is made in court when working through the immigration cases of various individuals. 

The lawyers that work at Esani & Momin P.C. have used these types of arguments time and time again, and they make sense. After all, family provides a support system that simply cannot be replaced by anything else. People will feel better and more comfortable when they know that they have family in the picture that will take care of them and help them adjust to the new country that they live in. Doesn’t it simply make sense that this is something that we should all want to encourage?

Who Qualifies? 

There are various arguments that a Sugar Land Family Immigration Attorney can make in court to try to win the right for certain people to join up with their loved ones in the United States. That said, you can be sure that anyone who is a citizen of the United States will have a great shot at getting their family into the country. Those who are working towards earning citizenship may be able to bring their family into the system as well. 

Some other categories of people exist in the immigration system that are often given priority when it comes to determining who will be allowed in the country. These include those who are refugees fleeing from oppression and war. A Sugar Land TX chain migration attorney will look at someone in that situation and understand that they likely have a case to make that they deserve the opportunity to also bring their family out of the war-torn country that they are sitting in now. Indeed, most of us can understand why so many people would feel that they needed to get their family out of a situation like that. 

How Our Immigration Attorneys Can Help?

You need to look to your Sugar Land Immigration Lawyer for help getting through the complex system that is the United States legal immigration system. The reality is that this is a complex country with laws on immigration that don’t always make the most sense to the average layperson. On top of that, some of the laws have been written so long ago that they do not apply well to today’s situation. The only way to get around all of that is to have an excellent attorney that you know for a fact can help you work with the system to get the result that you need. There is nothing better than the feeling of having gone about things the right way and getting the results that you really need.


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