What Is a Conditional Permanent Resident?

Conditional Permanent Resident documents

What does it mean to be a conditional permanent resident?  What kind of Green Card gets awarded with it?  These and several other key questions will be answered by Texas Green Card attorney, Esani & Momin P.C.  For all information, please read this piece all the way through.

What Is the Definition of Conditional Permanent Resident?

It is a person granted temporary permission to enter the United States.  He or she will receive a Green Card that is good for a maximum of two years.  There are conditions associated with this measure.  In a period of no later than 90 says prior to the expiration of this Green Card, the cardholder must prove these conditions have been met. 

permanent resident cardWhat Can Happen Then?

If they fail to prove this, the Green Card WILL NOT be extended.  Then thy must leave the United States.  Says immigration lawyer Sugar Land, Esani & Momin P.C., this is no time to be without an attorney.  If fact, one should be acquired immediately upon becoming a conditional permanent resident. 

How Does a Person Know If Their Permanent Residency Status Is Conditional?

This is explained for us by Texas immigration attorneys, Esani & Momin P.C.  If your marriage to a United States citizen is less than two years old at the time you became a permanent resident, it is considered to be conditional.  Additionally, if you are an alien who has obtained lawful permission to be admitted into the States according to the meaning of section 101(a)(20) of the relevant Act, this is also conditional.

What Is the Difference Between a Conditional and a Permanent Resident?

In order to become a naturalized citizen of the United States, a person must, at some point, be approved for permanent resident status.  A conditional resident is only approved for a maximum period of two years.  The time this person is in the States as a conditional resident should count towards the approval status towards naturalization.

With all that said, there are some occasions where a marriage-based Green Card can be considered conditional.  In order to better understand all this, it is best to hire a specified conditional Green Card Attorney in Texas, such as Esani & Momin P.C.  Your representative will ensure you never go through any of this process by yourself.

What Type of Green Card Do You Receive As a Conditional Permanent Resident?

According to the above-mentioned Texas conditional permanent resident attorney, the following is an answer to this question.  Each Green Card applicant who has been married to a United States citizen is granted an IR6 card.  It is possible for him or her to receive this type of Green Card while already in the States as a result of another immigration status.

Are There Examples of the Above Statement?

Yes, an example of this occurrence would be if the person is here under an H1-B employee or as an F-1 student.  A conditional permanent resident is afforded the same privileges and rights as those of a regular permanent resident.  Nevertheless, he or she is still only allowed to stay in the States for a maximum period of two years.  That policy does not change say Texas immigration attorneys.

How Can An Attorney Help a Conditional Permanent Residency Client?

Well-known Sugar Land immigration attorney, Esani & Momin P.C. are happy to answer this question.  They are experts at this type of law.  They understand all the legal requirements deemed necessary to become a conditional permanent resident in the United States.  They also have a firm grasp of every procedure as well as all pertinent fees and what each fee is for.

All information on Esani & Momin P.C. is available on their website, as is each detail of such a case.  If you still have questions, they will answer every one of them to your satisfaction.  Contact them today!


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