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If I Got A Job In The United States, Can My Family Come With Me?

Visas for family/spouses coming to the United States

Our Sugar Land immigration attorney is a seasoned, experienced, and professional whose expertise is getting visas into the United States from another country such as Canada. Esani & Momin law firm is located in Texas, and we are inundated with questions about visas daily. 

The one most asked question and concern from an immigrant wishing to work or already working in the United States is, 

Q.  If I have a visa and a job in the United States, can my family members, such as my spouse, come to the United States with me and find a job and work off my visa?  

A. No

As a rule, the spouse or family member coming along cannot work during this time. The children can go to school; however, the spouse cannot work. The spouse is considered a dependent of the work permit holder. 

The general rule is that when someone obtains a visa to work in the United States, their spouse or family members can enter into the United States on this visa, but they must have an individualized visa to work. However, there are exceptional circumstances that allow a spouse or family members to work off their visa.  

In rare instances, the United States may make exceptions that allow the spouse to work in the United States. For example, an L1 visa or an E2 visa allows the spouse to apply for work but only as a dependent of the permit holder. Our immigration lawyer Sugar Land sorts out the specifics of every visa. 

An H1B dependent visa covers an occupation specialty industry such as medical or I.T. technology. Spouses and other family members must apply for their visas to work in the United States.

An H-4 visa covers spouses and children 21 years of age or younger. This visa allows spouses and family members to remain together with the person holding the H1B visa. 

Those who have an H4 visa will enable their spouse and family members to work. In addition, an H4 visa means that the holder can legally work or start a business in the United States.

Immigration laws frequently change. Our firm anticipates that the spouse of the work permit holder may be able to seek employment soon. 


Once a permit holder obtains their H4 visa and their spouse or family member has their H1B visa in addition to Employment Authorization Documents, a few other benefits come their way, such as,

How a Lawyer Can Help

As you are reading the above information, you will probably find that the immigration laws in other countries are complex and confusing. Our immigration lawyer in Sugar Land, Tx, makes sure you are applying for the correct visas and following the laws of the land. We know all of the laws, rules, and regulations in the United States, and we can help sort them out for you and your family.

Our lawyers have years of experience in the immigration industry. Our attorneys are seasoned, experienced, and know the immigration laws of the United States. 

Our Texas work visa attorneys do not expect immigrants to know all about the various forms of visas, and this is where we can help you through the process of obtaining the correct visa fitting your unique circumstances. 

A specific visa allows you to enter the U.S., work, live, and become a citizen, legally. First, we educate our clients to know what they need to work and live in another country, like the United States. Then, we determine what you need the most. 

Our immigration lawyer Sugar Land Texas offers our award-winning services that adhere to the highest standards of customer service. In addition, we make sure that those entering the United States for work and residency do so legally and follow the legal process. 

Our Sugar Land work visa attorney answers any questions you have, and we help you navigate the immigration laws in the US. So give our esteemed attorneys a call today at  281-313-6100, so we can help you and your family transition to the United States. 


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