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What Documents Will I Need for a Marriage Green Card?

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States may apply for a Marriage Green Card on behalf of their partner. When they apply, they and their spouse will have to send such documents to the US government and should consult an Immigration Lawyer in Sugar Land Texas before doing so.

When the spouse requesting a Green Card lives in the United States (“Adjustment of Status”), the application process and documentation required are different from when they live outside the United States (“Consular Processing”). For both systems, this guide will act as a document checklist but a Sugar Land immigration lawyer will guide you better.

Documents to provide with your Form I-130, “Alien Relative Petition”

Proof of Citizenship in the United States

If your sponsoring partner is a resident of the United States, they must provide evidence of their citizenship.

Proof of status as a green card holder (legal permanent resident).

The sponsoring partner must have evidence that they are a lawful permanent resident.

All applicants should also provide any relevant details, such as joint rentals, joint bank account statements, and photographs of the two of you together, a step which a Sugar Land Texas green card attorney can assist you with.

Proof of previous marriage(s), if any, a death certificate for the other partner, and an annulment certificate.

If you have proof of a legal name change, please include it. 

Documents to provide with your “Affidavit of Support,” Form I-864: 

The supporting partner, as well as any co-sponsors, must show that they can financially help the foreign spouse pursuing a green card as a permanent resident. A copy of the sponsoring spouse’s most recent U.S. tax return is needed at a minimum.

Documents Required for Obtaining a Green Card through Adjustment of Status (immigrant is applying from inside of the U.S.)

With the Form I-485, “Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status,” the foreign national spouse who is applying for a green card (permanent resident status) must submit the following documents:

Proof of Citizenship

Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination, is proof of lawful entry and status in the United States. Make a note

Any past encounters with law enforcement should be kept on file (if applicable). This includes documents from the courts, the police, and the jail. In this case, contact an immigration attorney in Sugar Land Texas

Beneficiary’s passport images

Documents to provide with your I-765 “Application for Employment Authorization Document”

The foreign national spouse who is applying for a green card (permanent resident status) must provide evidence of lawful entry and status in the United States and a Sugar Land immigration attorney will walk you through this.

Authentication of your nationality or evidence of citizenship

Form I-131, “Application for Travel Document,” must be accompanied by the following documents:

If the spouse requesting a green card is applying for an advance parole travel permit from within the United States, they must have the following documents:

It can be difficult to apply for a Marriage Green Card by Adjustment of Status. Through our easy online application, Esani & Momin a Sugar Land immigration law firm will assist you in preparing your application paperwork correctly.


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