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When you first arrive in the United States, you are going to have to meet with someone from the Customs Border Protection whether you arrive by air, land, or sea. This must not concern you because you will have all of your documents in order when you get off of the airplane, boat, or bus, but you can be prepared and know what to expect from that moment on. 

1. Expect to Wait in Long Lines that Cause Delays. 

At the “primary inspection,” you can expect to see a long line of people waiting to be screened. Unless you have the required visa or are of a certain age, you will need to allow the officer to take digital fingerprints. 

The officer will spend some time verifying your identity by searching for your name in various databases. At this point, the officers are looking for someone with the intent of entering the U.S. illegally. They are also searching for security risks. 

Even if your documents are in order, the officer may have a reason to send you for further inspection. This is when the officer sends you to the secondary inspection area so that officers can give you a longer interview. 

2. Expect the Officer to Ask You Several Questions. 

The officers have a number of questions that they ask everyone, but they are also free to ask you additional questions that are only meant for you. If this happens to you, you must be polite. Sometimes, officers appear to be abrupt in their questioning, but this is because they have so many people to question in a day. 

You may be asked why you are coming to the U.S. The answer must resemble the reasons given in your visa. For example, a B-2 visitor visa allows you to enter the U.S. as a tourist. If you say that you are here to look for a job, they will turn you around and send you back home. The answer you give must also assure the officer that you are not here to break U.S. laws. 

3. Know What You Are not Entitled to Do. 

When you are going through the primary and secondary inspections, you are not allowed to ask for an attorney. You don’t have this right, but your officer may give you permission to call a Sugarland immigration attorney if it appears to be necessary. If the officer believes that you will be persecuted if you were to be sent back to your country, you will be able to see an immigration judge to determine if you should be able to remain in the U.S. 

4. Expect Your Luggage to Be Searched. 

You can expect your luggage to be searched, so you must not put anything in your luggage that contradicts your reasons for being in the U.S. If you are coming to the U.S. as a tourist, there is no reason for you to bring a stack of resumes with you. The officer isn’t going to believe that you are not planning to apply for a job this trip, so be sure not to do this. 

If you have more questions about the process of entering the United States, consult with an immigration attorney in Sugarland Texas. A Sugarland immigration lawyer will be able to tell you if Customs and Border Protection can prevent you from entering the country. An immigration lawyer in Sugarland Texas can also help you with the process of applying for the appropriate visa. When you do this, you will have responsibilities and privileges associated with these documents, and a Sugarland immigration law firm can make sure that you are aware of them. 

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