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The Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. 

1. Not Bringing an Interpreter if You Are not Fluent in English. 

A Sugarland immigration attorney would inform you that the USCIS will not have an interpreter available for you if you do not speak English, so you will need to bring your own. Your interpreter cannot be your spouse, and your attorney will not be able to interpret for you either. If you and the immigration officer cannot communicate freely, the officer may schedule a time for another interview, but it is also a possibility that the officer could deny your petition or application. 

2. Not Taking Original Documents to the Interview. 

You submitted copies of your documents with your application, but the immigration officer is going to want to see the original documents in the interview. If you do not bring the originals or certified copies, the immigration officer is likely to deny your petition or application. In the event that you cannot find some of your documents, don’t skip your interview. If you do, this will guarantee that your application or petition will be denied. If you have evidence that you sent for a replacement of the document or a certified copy, Sugarland immigration attorneys suggest that you take this with you to the interview. 

3. Failing to Appear at the Interview or Being Late. 

Your immigration officer will very likely deny your application if you arrive at the interview late. Sugarland immigration lawyers suggest that a good thing to do is travel to the USCIS office a couple of days before the interview so that you know exactly where you need to go and how long it takes to get there. The officer will interpret your failure to show up as an abandonment of your application, so make sure that you plan for traffic on the roads and traffic at the USCIS office. Don’t take any lighters, matches, liquids or sharp objects with you. 

4. Failing to Prepare for the Interview. 

A Sugarland immigration lawyer advises clients that preparation will be very important. If you fail to present enough evidence for your marriage, your immigration officer is likely to doubt its validity. In that case, the officer will require you to have a marriage interview. In this interview, you and your spouse will be interviewed separately, and the immigration officer will examine your answers very carefully. He or she will be looking for discrepancies in your answers. If you are unprepared to answer even the simplest questions, the officer may place you into removal proceedings immediately. 

The officer will ask you about applications that you have submitted in the past, and this is very surprising to many applicants. If the immigration officer suspects that you married your spouse solely for the purpose of remaining in the country, he or she will deny your petition or application. 

5. Failing to See the Immigration Officer as a Fellow Human Being. 

You must go into the interview knowing that your immigration officer is a human being. He or she will have emotions just like you. If you spend most of your time searching for documents in your purse or appearing to be evasive, the officer will feel frustrated. Frustration can lead to the denial of your petition or application. A Sugarland immigration law firm would inform you that your interview should be treated with the respect that it deserves. This means that you must dress appropriately, and your immigration officer will see from the beginning that you are taking the interview seriously. 

If you have questions about the interview process, you may contact a Sugar Land immigration law firm to have those questions answered. Contact us at the law offices of Esani & Momin so that we can put your mind at ease today.   


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