Horror stories about the state of asylum seekers continue to abound. Since the introduction of the Remain in Mexico program requiring refugees to wait in Mexico until their court hearing, a humanitarian crisis along the Mexico/American border ensued. With the months-long backlog of cases stymied in the court system, the answer to solve this crisis in not on the immediate horizon.

COVID-19 has directly contributed to the sheer mess the immigration system is in right now. It is responsible for disrupting an already dysfunctional process whereby families are separated, detention centers are festering with airborne pathogens and others are living in inhumane conditions. It is complicated by the fact that many miss their court dates due to lapses in communication, and other reasons beyond their control. Then, they must start the process all over again.

COVID-19 is also delaying deportations. Guatemala significantly reduced the number of deportees it accepts due to the increase of COVID-19 among its citizens. While in a normal economy, deported Guatemalans were returned at a rate of approximately 4,000 per month, they have dwindled down to about 400 to allow the Guatemalan government ample time to handle pertinent matters regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the resulting pileup of deportees in already-overcrowded American detention centers has deeply exacerbated the potential for a COVID-19 outbreak.

Much to the chagrin of immigration rights’ advocates, most asylum cases have been halted and in reality, dreams of creating a better life in America have turned into nightmares. Many have given up hope and have voluntarily returned to their home countries.

Despite the bleak prospect of asylum, however, there is hope. That light at the end of the tunnel can signify a way out instead of an oncoming train. If you have loved ones in a detention center, or have an upcoming court date, it is wise to seek the help of experienced legal counsel.

The Sugar Land TX immigration attorneys at Esani & Momin have successfully helped hundreds of families get the relief they are entitled to under our nation’s asylum laws. What is happening now with thousands of immigrant families is unprecedented, and the path forward is still being blazed. Therefore, some of what worked in previous times is now off the table. To maximize your case’s success, seek out the Sugar Land TX immigration attorneys who stay abreast of immigration laws that impact you and your family. Call the attorneys at Esani & Momin today to get your free consultation and discover how these experienced immigration lawyers can help you win.


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