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Currently, immigration laws change frequently, and this can impact many people’s immigration statuses. Due to the number of changes that take place in immigration, many people elect to hire an attorney to help navigate their case and to get legal advice on what they need to do to maintain their status. As an immigrant in the United States, it is best to secure an attorney who can help you when you have legal questions. Sugarland immigration lawyers will advise you on what you need to do if you’ve experienced any change that can cause a change with your immigration status. 

Legal Advice Related to Your Immigration Status
At Esani & Momin, we stay updated on changes that happen in immigration, especially those that have an immediate impact. We know that it is best to always have an attorney, but it is particularly important to contact a lawyer regarding your status if:

•your status is going to expire within six months. An extension will need to be filed in order for you to remain in the U.S.

•you are planning to change jobs. If so, your status could be impacted by your new job and employment status 

•you have committed a misdemeanor or felony. A crime should be shared with your immigration attorney so that they are aware of it and can disclose it on the necessary forms.

•you get married. This, too, will need to be disclosed and can impact your status if your spouse is a legal permanent resident or citizen of this country.

Sugarland immigration lawyers want to make sure that your immigration status is current and protected at all times. To ensure that you are in good standing and can continue your daily life without disruptions to your status, you should consult an attorney. 

Let the attorneys at Esani & Momin take care of your immigration needs for you. Contact us for a consultation.


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