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The United States is not only known as the land of opportunity, but also as a place of safety. Each year, there are many people who enter the U.S. in hopes of being granted asylum. Asylum is a protection that is offered to those who are unable to return to their home country due to persecution based on race, religion, nationality, being a member of a certain social group, or based on their political background. Upon entering the U.S., a person must submit a claim for asylum within one year of arrival. A Sugar Land immigration attorney at Esani & Momin will assist you with your asylum application to submit to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). An attorney can also inform you of how the law of asylum can have an impact on your specific situation.

Work Authorization
As an asylee, you are unable to begin working immediately. However, you can apply for work authorization if 150 days have passed since you submitted your application to the USCIS, and you have not received a response. You can begin working once you receive an approval of work authorization or when you have been granted asylum. If you would like to request work authorization, an immigration lawyer near Houston can prepare the necessary petition on your behalf. If you have worked without proper authorization, be sure to share that information with the attorney to avoid potential issues during this process.

Additional Relatives
Once you have been granted asylum, you are able to petition to bring your spouse and unmarried children who are under the age of 21. Generally, this request must be made within two years of receiving asylum, but there can be exceptions made, if necessary.

Permanent Residence
An immigration lawyer near Houston can offer legal advice if you wish to apply for a green card one year after you’ve been granted asylum. You can also submit an application on behalf of your spouse and children at this time.

If you are in need of a Sugar Land immigration attorney for your asylum application, contact the legal experts at Esani & Momin for help.


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