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Interested in coming to the United States as part of the Diversity Immigrant Visa lottery program? Often called the green card lottery, this program has existed in various forms since 1986. The system extends the opportunity for immigrants who would otherwise be unable to qualify for a visa to move to the country. The program only offers 50,000 visas each year but over 20 million people apply for consideration annually. This makes the program a particularly challenging route for immigration to the U.S.

Why Work with a Sugar Land Immigration Lawyer?

Although the diversity immigrant visa program offers appealing opportunities for those ready to move to America, there are many stipulations that interested applicants must respect. Applicants must hail from one of the countries included on the program, and if not selected, a new application needs to be submitted every year. The application also needs to include exhaustive personal information for consideration.

At Esani & Momin, we help interested applicants to determine their eligibility and collect necessary paperwork for the application process. If selected in the lottery, you may also need to show further documentation to obtain a visa; this process is very time-sensitive and working with an immigration attorney in Sugar Land TX is a simple way to ensure you don’t miss any relevant deadlines.

Entrust Your Immigration Needs to Esani & Momin

By working with a Sugar Land immigration lawyer, you can minimize the risk of problems occurring as you prepare for arrival in the United States. Choose the immigration attorney in Sugar Land TX who will put your needs first and help you to navigate the ins and the outs of the diversity program process with as few issues as possible. We are committed to helping our clients immigrate successfully and we never stop working to meet your unique needs. Contact our office today!


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