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What is the Naturalization Process?

Becoming a naturalized citizen can be a complicated process. However, U.S. citizenship allows you the right to vote, access to a U.S. passport, and ensures that you will not be deported. Working with a Sugar Land immigration attorney such as Esani & Momin P.C., makes the naturalization process easier to navigate. 

Step One 
Determine if you are eligible. In most cases, you must have  a specific period of continuous physical presences as a permanent resident among other requirements. You must also pass a test on English, U.S. history and government. There is also a requirement regarding how long you must be in the United States. You must demonstrate good moral character. A Sugar Land immigration office helps determine if you meet these requirements. 

Step Two 
A USCIS Form N-400 needs to be filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. There is a fee to send in this application and a copy of your green card must be attached. A Sugar Land immigration lawyer can assist in obtaining and completing the form accurately the first time. 

Step Three 
Once the application has been accepted, you will need to be fingerprinted. This allows for a background check to be conducted. In the mail you will receive a specific date and address to a local location where your fingerprints will be taken. 

Step Four 
You will have to participate in a citizenship interview. The interviewer will ask questions from your application to confirm your answers. There will also be questions regarding U.S. government and skills in English. A lawyer helps to ensure you understand what the interview process will entail and prepare you for it. 

Step Five 
You will then attend an oath ceremony where you will take an oath that confirms your loyalty to the United States. You will then receive a certificate of naturalization and will be a U.S. citizen. A Houston immigration lawyer can help you reach this goal.


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