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The United States, as a hub of innovation, culture, and opportunity, actively seeks individuals who stand out in their respective fields. Whether it’s breakthroughs in science, captivating works of art, unparalleled athleticism, or entrepreneurial prowess, the ability to make a mark on the world stage is both recognized and celebrated.

The O Visa is a specialized non-immigrant visa category, carefully crafted to attract and nurture such unique and extraordinary talents. From leading researchers and renowned artists to business visionaries and acclaimed athletes, the O-Visa opens a pathway to explore, contribute, and thrive in a land that values excellence and creativity.

Types of O Visa

The O-Visa, while unified in its purpose to accommodate extraordinary talent, is diversified into specific categories, each tailored to various fields and needs. The four types — O-1A, O-1B, O-2, and O-3 — cover a spectrum of professionals, support personnel, and family members, allowing for a comprehensive embrace of excellence and collaboration.

How to Obtain an O Visa

Obtaining an O Visa is a process that demands attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the requirements.

First, it’s essential to determine eligibility by pinpointing the specific O Visa category that aligns with the qualifications and achievements. Once the appropriate category is identified, the next step involves meticulously gathering the necessary documentation, which encompasses evidence of extraordinary ability, contracts, and any other documents that underline the credentials. Building on this preparation, the next phase is the petition filing with USCIS using Form I-129, a crucial step best undertaken with the assistance of an O Visa attorney.

The process culminates in scheduling and attending a visa interview at the U.S. consulate or embassy in the home country, the final step in securing the opportunity to share your unique talents within the United States.

This systematic and thoughtful approach ensures that each stage flows smoothly into the next, paving the way for a successful O-Visa application.

O Visa Processing Time

The standard processing time for an O Visa application ranges from 2 to 4 months. An expedited option, premium processing service, is available, which typically results in a 15-day response.

Cost of O Visas

The cost of obtaining an O Visa is structured to cover various aspects of the application process, and it can vary depending on the specific type of visa. For instance, an O-1 Visa costs $460 while an O-3 Visa costs $190. Applicants may also opt for premium processing, an expedited service priced at $2,500. Besides these standardized fees, legal and miscellaneous expenses may arise, and these can vary widely based on individual circumstances and the complexity of the application.

Our O Visa Attorney Can Help

Our experienced O Visa attorney can provide tailored assistance, ensuring a smooth, transparent, and successful application process. From understanding your unique needs to meticulous preparation of your application, our experience stands as a testament to your future success in the United States. Contact us at Esani & Momin, P.C., today, and let our O Visa attorney help you unlock the doors to extraordinary opportunities.


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