What is a lawful permanent resident?

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A lawful permanent resident is more commonly referred to as a “green cardholder.” Lawful permanent residents are non-US citizens who have permission to live in the United States permanently. With lawful permanent resident status, individuals may accept offers of employment, receive financial aid at public colleges and universities, own property, and join the Armed Forces.

Under certain criteria, permanent residents can also apply for US citizenship. To learn more about permanent residency status and how immigration attorneys in Sugar Land TX can help, keep reading. 

united states permanent resident green cardWhat is Needed to Become a Lawful Permanent Resident?

There are many ways an individual can get legal permanent resident status. The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) is the agency that provides details on how to become a legal permanent resident. The organization places a heavy emphasis on granting green cards to foreigners to reunite families. 

Other ways to become a legal permanent resident are based on humanitarian and economic situations. Most applicants will need to have a family sponsor or family member with US citizenship to be eligible for the program. Others can file for asylum through humanitarian programs, and some individuals may be able to file on their behalf. Sugar Land Immigration attorneys can meet with individuals or representatives on a case-by-case status to determine available options.

What Rights do Lawful Permanent Residents Have and Don’t Have? 

Once lawful permanent residency is granted in the United States, individuals have the right to be protected under all US laws. What this means is, green card holders can do everything someone who was born in the United States has the right to do. To determine any limitations regarding lawful permanent residents, green card holders and applicants can meet with a Sugar Land Green Card attorney. 

As of 2014, US citizens are required to have affordable health care. Green card holders can apply for health care in the United States. Permanent residents may be able to file for social service programs. But, most permanent residents won’t be able to apply for Medicaid until they have been in the US for at least five years. 

Does Lawful Permanent Resident Need to be Renewed? Can it be taken away? 

Lawful permanent residents can have their status revoked. To avoid this, it is necessary to renew their green cards regularly. Responsibilities of a lawful permanent resident include obeying all US, state, and local laws. If applicable, green card holders must file federal and state income taxes.

Permanent residents must support the government. Residents must maintain immigration status, carry proof of status, and notify specific agencies of any address change. Male permanent residents between the ages of 18 to 26 must file for the United States Selective Service. 

Sugar Land Permanent Resident Attorneys can help with immigration paperwork and applicants and help maintain status to prevent problems with renewal or possible revocation.

A US permanent resident could have their immigration status revoked if they engage in criminal activity or are convicted of a crime. Other factors that could affect permanent residency status are falsifying documentation for immigration or public benefits. Lawful permanent residents cannot claim to be US citizens when they aren’t, vote in federal elections, have documented drug or alcohol problems, or be married to more than one person at a time. Failure to file tax returns, failure to support family in the US, and not registering for the Selective Service are also factors that could cause residency to be revoked. 

Because permanent lawful immigration status requires paperwork and registration with different agencies, it is important for applicants to regularly meet with Sugar Land Permanent Resident Attorneys to ensure all requirements are fulfilled. If someone with permanent residency status is accused of a crime, it is important to meet with an attorney right away. 

What’s the Difference Between a Lawful Permanent Resident and a US Citizen? 

A lawful permanent resident is someone with a green card. A green card is a photo ID that grants them access to the same rights as US citizens. Lawful permanent residents remain citizens of another country and must maintain both identifications. US citizens have completed US citizenship requirements or were born in the US. 

How Your Attorney Can Help You Through the Immigration Process

If you need an immigration lawyer Sugar Land TX contact Esani & Momin. These attorneys can research your immigration case and make recommendations. The immigration process is tedious and precise. With the help of a green card attorney in Sugar Land TX the process can be smoother and easier to understand. 


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